Presents for Link

Grandma and Grandpa recently sent a present to my house.  It was addressed “To Our Favorite Son.” 


I am their favorite grandson, so obviously, it was for me.  


Diddy knows I don’t have opposable thumbs, so he opened it.


And boy, oh boy, was I excited.  I could tell it was gonna be a good one!


The wrapping even included toys!


First up , they got me a gift card.  Diddy said it was to Harley Davidson. 

What is Harley Davidson?  I wish it had been to Pet Smart.  I want some Nine Lives tender nibbles.  I’m so tired of that organic crap Marmie tries to feed me.


And then I saw this.  Diddy called it a reflective vest. 

I’m not sure what a cat  does with one of these. IMG_3430

I’m also not sure why Diddy has been wearing my present.

But I guess it’s ok.  I thought it was a lame gift anyway.


At least it came with string.


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One response to “Presents for Link

  1. ahahaha I love Link’s face watching the gift being opened. And his commentary 🙂

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