Link’s Theme

Sometimes I face challenges.


Like when I was minding my own business and this evil face sucker attached itself to my head.


It’s desperate times like these when I need some fighting inspiration.

[Cue theme music]

From my heroic namesake.

I channel his energy.


And I battle.


The war wages on.


Until finally, I beat the beast into submission.


And I can breathe a sigh of relief.


The apartment is safe for yet another night.



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3 responses to “Link’s Theme

  1. Anna

    Ok , your cat is adorable and you are clever!

  2. OMC your blog/cat is tooooo cute!!

    thanks for stopping by my blog…I am now following you on Twitter AND I am following your blog through an email subscription…hope you will do the same!

    Nice to meet you!

  3. Link, that was quite a battle with that norty cup. Good job getting the best of it. Well done. Thanks so much for visiting our blog. You are a handsome boy. We have four ginger orange boys that live here.

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