The Best Intentions…

This morning was like any other. 


Marmie’s alarm went off.

I leapt out of bed.

Marmie let me sit in the sink while she drew on her face.

Marmie fed me dry food.

Marmie scooped the poo from my litterbox.

Marmie let me scratch her couch.

Marmie gave me deets.


And Marmie let me lounge on her desk as she ate breakfast.IMG_3134 

As I was sitting there, soaking up the heat of the laptop, I thought–

I really am lucky to have such a kind Marmie.

sweet marm

And in that moment, I decided I should do something nice for her.

Perhaps bring her a present?

So I brought her my faaaaaavorite mouse. IMG_3617

And dropped it where she couldn’t miss it.


That’s right!  I brought  Marmie my most beloved possession.


I really can be such a sweet fella.

The thing is—she didn’t appreciate Mouse like I thought she would.

In fact, she called it ‘gross’ and threw it away.



Don’t worry, I guilted her into giving it back.  But she insisted on washing it first!

Months worth of cat spit, gone.

Months worth of collected floor dust, gone.


All because I wanted to be nice.


That’s the last time Marmie will get a gift from me.



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7 responses to “The Best Intentions…

  1. lol. the difference between Link and Moneen… Mo would never share her prized possession!

  2. You got a good Marmie. Too bad she doesn’t appreciate a fine gift.

  3. You are the cutest cat ever!!!! I love your photos AND THIS BLOG!

    I can totally relate because my Cody is MOUSIE OBSESSED!!!

    He deposits the same red mouse by his food, in the hallway by the kitchen door…but….NEVER throw a mousie that has been given as a GIFT away!! How rude!! I understand washing the spit/scent off due to sour cereal milk but throw it away??? SHAME, SHAME kitty mama!!! lol

  4. MOL Well nice try Link. You tried to give Marmie a nice gift. Sure glad she gave your mouse back to you even if she did wash it. That sure was rude of her to throw it away. Take care and have a super day.

  5. Hi Link! Thanks for visiting us! We can’t believe Marmie didn’t like your gift! Humans can be so rude sometimes!! Guess it just doesn’t pay to be nice….

    (We’re glad she gave you mousie back even if she did wash months of spit off of it.)

  6. Don’t blame you one bit! A present like that deserves praise and a treat.

  7. LOL did you really throw it away? Poor thing

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