Rough Day

I detest traveling.

IMG_2324 IMG_2325

Someone please, let this cat out of the bag.



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4 responses to “Rough Day

  1. Oh nooos, where were you going Link?? Are you on the way to the darn Vet. Hope it went well if that is where you are going. Keep us posted.

  2. Oh that is good. Where are you going?? We just got your comment that you live in the same state as we do only in the middle. So where do you live??
    Our Mom love orange cats too and we have four of them, four tabbies, two black, one calico, and a bunch more.
    Hope you had a good trip where ever you are going.
    Take care.

  3. poor baby!!! I have to agree with you….I detest traveling too! xoxo

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