Food Wars 2011

It’s been a hard knock life for an orange man these days. 

First, Marmie rejected my finest gift.  Then, on Friday, I was stuck in the evil moving death trap for two hours.

I thought things could get no worse.

Until yesterday, when Marmie and Diddy came home with several different varieties of natural, healthy cat food.

IMG_3640 IMG_3641IMG_3643


You see, we’ve been through this before.  Marmie is a health food fanatic, and for awhile there, she was trying to impose her ridiculous food philosophies on me.

But I showed her who’s boss. 

Here’s the secret…when she fed me something I didn’t like.  I simply took one whiff, refused to put a single morsel in my mouth, and acted as if she’d never fed me.

And then– every time she’d get up from the couch, I’d run to where she kept my real food and look up at her expectantly.


I could really make her feel guilty.


There was also the trick where I’d start eating her human food.


But that didn’t always have the intended effect.  It just seemed to make her mad.


When neither of the above tactics worked their magic, all I had to do was disrupt her sleep.  I’d begin at 3 a.m.:  pawing her in the face, playing with Mouse in the bed, and pouncing on the little piggies that roam beneath her covers.


A combination of these methods seemed to work quite well, so I’m surprised Marmie has chosen to continue this fight.

But I’m not worried.  With my handsome good looks, it really is quite easy to get my way around here.

game on

So, Marmie, if this is the way it’s gonna be.  Game on. 


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4 responses to “Food Wars 2011

  1. Oh Link, you should try some healthy foods, they taste delicious! Harley and I eat Instinct Nature’s Variety raw medallions about 5 days a week, and the other two days we have been eating Weruva canned food.

  2. OMC are you too precious or what!!!??

    Your Mom just has your best interest at heart to keep you the incredibly gorgeous cat that you already are.

    I am interested in how the “game” will be played out though! xoxo

  3. Link, you are having a hard time. But you might want to try those fuds. You might like them. Our Mom tried to feed us some healthy fuds and we didn’t like them either. But some of them are good.
    Maybe Marmie will try some other fuds that you might like. We can’t afford a lot of healthy food.
    Take care and have a great Sunday.

  4. jodi

    Mr. Wendal wanted me to convey his deepest sorrows about your food woes. His mother and father put him on “gasp” diet food so he has complete empathy for your situation. May both of you get the food you deserve soon.
    Leonard (Canine Feline Ambassador)
    P.S. Mr. Wendal wanted to pass on an effective tool he uses to persuade humans. At about 4am he will begin to meow at top volume. He has also created a meow that resembles the human word “moooom”.

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