Interior Decorating

Hello, Marmie.


Did you have a nice day at work? 


I hope you don’t mind– I did some interior decorating in your absence.


I think your table


looks much better like this.

IMG_3682 IMG_3683  

Whadda you think?


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7 responses to “Interior Decorating

  1. you know what? I have to agree….”less is more!” lol

  2. Uhhhh, we’re wondering how your mom took your redecorating.

  3. Haha! Link, that’s something I woulda done!! Good job!!


  4. Fin

    It looks much better your way!

    Hi! I noticed your comment at Caren and Cody’s place about my book so I headed over to meet you! I’m not sure your library would have my book but maybe they could order it. Paws Crossed.

  5. MOL, that is hysterical Link. Good job. We like your decorating. Not so much on that table. Too funny. Have yourself a wonderful day.

  6. Sharon

    Link, your grandmother does NOT approve!

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