Statue Link

Maybe if I stand really still… 

Like a statue.


I will blend in with Marmie’s desk decor.

And she won’t notice…


The damning evidence.



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8 responses to “Statue Link

  1. you HAVE to have this cat modeling!!! The expressions are priceless and this kitty has a face like I have never seen! xoxo

  2. Link, you didn’t rip those papers, did you?? We just know you didn’t . You do look like a statue sitting there but I wouldn’t sit on those torn up papers if I were you. Hope you have a great week end.

  3. Omg!! Link!! Do you always chew up the paper? How does your mom keep important stuff??

  4. Anna

    This blog truly cracks me up!

  5. Oh my god! Your cat is a paper shredder!!!

  6. Jojo and Ash's daddy

    I really wonder if Link and my Jojo are clones. They look alike, they act alike, they shred paper and apparently both eat cardboard… brothers??

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