Sunny Day

Happy Sunday!

Mouse and I are celebrating this day of  rest by lounging in the sun together.


“I’m walkinnnnnn on sunshiiiiiiiiiiiiine…





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7 responses to “Sunny Day

  1. Wow, Link, you really are enjoying that sunshine and so is Mouse. Those are great pictures of you all stretched out. Nice of you to share that sunshine with Mouse. Take care.

  2. OMC I had taken photos of my Cody (a few weeks back) with his mousey in the sun which I haven’t used yet!!!!

    When I do, please don’t think I am copying you! I had already taken them!
    I love these!

  3. Link, that sun sure looks good on you!!

  4. Link, you look so happy and relaxed!

  5. Link, we’re new to your blog! You are a handsome Ornj man indeed.
    C’mon over and visit us, we love company!

  6. Lucky you, you have sun! Normally I am the one who brags about getting sun, but it was drizzly and overcast today.

  7. Grandpappy

    Hey, Linkster! Did you know I am your grandpappy? (Well, by adoption, anyway.) Your Marmy is my absolute favorite youngest child! Yup! You have a cute blog, along with being quite the cute scamp. I think your belly stripes are soooooo cool. Are you from the Tiger family?

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