Quality Control

Marmie’s always up to something worth snoopervising. 

Like today, she started cutting with these scissors—a pair I’ve never sniffed before.


Don’t worry, I tested them for quality control.


I was also curious about this new species of paper. 

At first glance, it appeared harmless.


But after further investigation, I decided it was a mutation not to be trusted.


When I spotted a piece atop my scratching post, I knew I must reclaim my territory.


And I most certainly I did.  I ripped that paper to shreds.

But guess what?


There’s even more where that came from.

I think I’ll wait until Marmie goes to sleep.  Then I’ll plan my next method of attack.



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4 responses to “Quality Control

  1. lol!! That paper seems to be like bunnies….there just seems to be more and more of it just when you thought you got it all!!

    Great plan! Search and destroy when your Mom goes to bed! xoxo

  2. I love that crackly-crinkly kind of paper!

  3. That is our most favorite thing to do. Shred paper. We even get into the cabinet where Mom keeps the TP, rip the bag it is in and then shred the toilet paper. Gosh that is so much fun.
    Those are terrific pictures Link. Take care and have a fun day.

  4. Paper can sometimes be evilly tricky! Time to go on the offensive.

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