I Stand Corrected.

I guess you all were right.


This B.F.F. Tuna & Chicken Chuckles was actually quite tasty.

Initially I was leery– upon first glance, it appeared minced.

(This cat does not do minced.)


But then Marmie fluffed it with a fork, and I noticed actual chunks of chicken and tuna.


I ate the entire can.


Just look at that ingredient list.

Marmie the Health Nut is so proud.



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11 responses to “I Stand Corrected.

  1. That does look like very healthy food Link. We are so glad you like it. WE will have to see if we can get some of that. The ingredients do look great. Hope you have a great day with all your yummy food.

  2. Way to go, Link! Sometimes the secret to a delicious dish is getting it mashed or fluffed with the fork in just the right way.

  3. That does look a delicious meal Link – we always insist that mum makes our food look pretty on our dishes cos it makes it taste much nicer.

  4. Never heard of this before, where did you find it?

    Cody can’t eat it anyway due to food allergies. He has to eat Royal Canin Rabbit….has been eating it since summer….if he is ever taken off of that I might like to check this out.

  5. That food does look pretty tasty!

    We came from Marg’s Pets to say hi and welcome you to the Cat Blogosphere!

    -Fuzzy Tales: Annie, Nicki, Derry and Mom Kim

  6. Old Kitty

    Marg of Marg’s Pets said you’re a new lovely kitty called Link so me and Charlie have come over to say a big hello!!!!
    This new kitty food sounds ever so yummy!!!! Take care

  7. I haven’t seen it before either, but it does look yummy! I came over from Marg’s Animals to say howdy!

  8. Came over from Marg’s to say hello and pleased to meet you. Nice to meet another ginger.. That food looks yummy.. HUgs GJ xx

  9. HI . we pounced on over to say hi.

    and THAT nom nom looks mighty tasty , slurp ; }

  10. We’ve eaten that food too, Link! It’s really tasty!! Our mom likes it because it doesn’t have grains in it. Our mom won’t feed us anything with grains. Ernie has allergies and hasta eat special foods. His foods don’t have grains either.

    We hope Marmie gives you some more of that food!!

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