No Girls Allowed

Sometimes a boy just needs some time alone with his Diddy.


No girls allowed.


That means you, Marmie!




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8 responses to “No Girls Allowed

  1. Hmmm, now I know what Harley is doing when he disappears with our dad. This might be a little bit unfair.

  2. There’s a huge “awwww” factor to these photos!

    We have only one human….and are thinking it might be nice to have another one around for more cuddles!

  3. I love these photos — they’re just so sweet and cute!

  4. There’s just something special about a Daddy-lap…I go all limp and mooshy and stuff.
    xx Maui.

  5. Oh Link, that is just the best, you and your Diddy. That is too cute. We love those pictures. Take care.

  6. Sharon

    All that can be said is awwww.

  7. You looked so snuggly with your Daddy – you looks so comfy and happy with him.

  8. OMG that expression just rings of complete and total bliss….(the last photo) he also looks like “Ha, Ha I am sitting here and you aren’t, whatcha gonna do about it?”

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