I like to Eat…Green Monsters

Most mornings Marmie drinks one of these Green Monster smoothies. 


It is a special smoothie because it contains both fruits and vegetables. 

(Don’t  ask.  It’s part of her crazy health regime.)


Anyway, these things are surprisingly tasty! 

I like to sneak a few licks when Marmie’s not looking.

For maximum tasting benefit, I am certain to stick my cat head waaaaaaay down deep in the cup.


This way,  residual froth sticks to my chin and cheeks.

And I’m able to store just enough flavor in my saver to last the day.



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6 responses to “I like to Eat…Green Monsters


    But as for the drink? Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

  2. So do we get a recipe for that green monster Link??? That does look very healthy and if you like it, I know our Mom would too and she needs to stay healthy. I still can’t believe that you like that drink or smoothie. Take care Link.

  3. Um, it looks a little bit delicious.

  4. We don’t think that looks at all delicious – we bet it doesn’t taste as good as a freshly caught mousey. (We hasten to add of course we have never ever caught and tasted a fresh mouse).

  5. Ah — hahahaha! The telltale green on your fur gives it away that you’ve been sneaking a sip. Is it delish? Green is an odd color for a smoothie, but if she has them every day, they must taste good!

  6. Link, she can’t yell at you because you are eating healthy!! Just don’t get your head stuck in that glass!!!

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