Flashback Friday: Cone of Shame

This Flashback Friday is a not-so-fond memory. 


Post manhood removal surgery:


As if waking up asexual wasn’t shaming enough.


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10 responses to “Flashback Friday: Cone of Shame

  1. OMG your comment was hilarious!!!

    When Cody had “the cone of shame” on, we called him “Spaceboy”

    BTW forgot to tell you I LOVE your masthead painting!

  2. Ohhhh my friend.

    Not cool. So not cool *wince*

  3. Yes, getting “tutored” is not for sissies!

  4. ps: I hope you do not take that the wrong way. Link, you are a very brave Mancat!

  5. “As if waking up asexual wasn’t shaming enough.”


  6. Who thought you’d like to show that little face when you were wearing that nasty cone needs something very nasty happening to them – like being made to wear a BIG CONE in public.
    You poor baby.

  7. Ah, the dreaded cone of shame. If it’s any consolation, you wear it well!!!

  8. Oh my gosh, Poor Link. You do look upset. That is a terrible thing to do to a guy but you are better off. Too bad you had to wear that horrible cone. Glad that is over for you. Take care.

  9. Oh Link—why havent I checked out your blog before? LOVE IT!

    The blog, not this memory of course.

  10. Oh sweetie, I hope it will all be a distant memory real soon!

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