Valentines Day: Playing Matchmaker

Marmie says  1 1/2 years old is too young to be courting the lady cats.  She says I must be at least 10 before I can date.


So—thanks to Marmie–it looks as if my February 14th will be romance-free.


But, I do know  a cat who’s looking for that special someone.



my Aunt Beatrice.

Once you overlook her figure, she really does have a pretty face.

Beatrice’s hobbies include snuggling in her cat bed, soaking up rays on the screened-in porch, and watching tv with her peeps.

If you’re looking for a gal who’s sweet, sassy, and fiercely loyal, look no more.


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12 responses to “Valentines Day: Playing Matchmaker

  1. Aunt Beatrice is one beautiful ladycat. And we think she has a nice Rubenesque figure!!

  2. Oh, but I LOVE a zaftig LadyCat!

    Tiny Johnson, the 20-pound tabby

  3. Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope your Aunt Beatrice finds a special Mancat to be her valentine!

  4. Beatrice is a lovely ladycat with curves in all the right places!

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you both!

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Tell Marmie that cats mature faster than people, so you can too have a Valentine! Beatrice is a beautiful ladycat.

  6. Oh yes, Khaki is swooning over Beatrice. He would love to get to know her better. He is drooling over her picture right now. Thanks Link for letting us know about her. She is gorgeous. Happy Valentines day to you and your family Link.

  7. Aunt Beatrice is adorable!!! She is rather “fluffy”….like me…lol

    Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!!


  8. Auntie Beatrice is a lovely cuddly lady cat – we are sure there will be many mancats hearts beating faster after seeing her picture.
    We don’t think 1 1/2 is too young for valentines – we are only about the same age as you but no man cats weem interested in us. sob , sob, sob.
    Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. 10?!? My Cod, you’ll be geriatric by the time you’re allowed to have a girlfriendcat! You must assert yourself and look around the cat blogosphere. Love always finds a way and a handsome, intelligent Mancat such as yourself will have no trouble at all finding a lovely young lady to hold your paw.

    By the way, we saw you over at Daisy’s comments and wanted to welcome you to our cat blogging community. Stop over and see us some time.

    George, Tipper, Max & Misty
    The Crew

  10. Miss Beatrice my brother Jinx is sending you whisker kisses he says you do have curves in all the right places and he loves a floofy ladycat.

    we all wish you all a…
    A very happy Valentine Day!


  11. Beatrice

    Oh my, such attention from my species. I live with a very stuck up Irvin. He has rebuked all my advances for years! It fills my heart to know others think I am pretty. What a Valentine’s Day for me!

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