Marmie’s hand-me-down couch may be ugly, but it sure is comfortable!



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10 responses to “Zonked

  1. Well, we think plaid goes well with Orange Stripes.

  2. You’re putting that couch to good use!!

  3. Nothing better than a great old couch. We have one on our porch. They are so comfy and it does look you are getting a great snooze. Have yourself a fun day Link, and Mom too.

  4. That is some first class zonking!

  5. We like being zonked like that!


  6. Awww, you look so cute sacked out there, like you are. Although, you do look a little “hung over”!

  7. We “zonk” out too when we have been playing – we usually zonk where we drop!!

  8. Hehehe! That is too cute. Kittehs sure don’t care what the couch looks like.

  9. Pairing plaid with stripes is fashionable now!

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