Dirty Diddy

Just now, I was snuggling in for my evening nap.


As my lids were getting heavy, I noticed out the corner of my eye…

That Diddy’s fur was disturbingly dirty. IMG_3563

So I did what any fastidiously clean cat would do.IMG_3564

I groomed.


And I groomed.


And I groomed.


Until Diddy’s fur met the Link Bartholomew standard of cleanliness.


All better!


Now, for that nap…


P.S.  I’m on Facebook now!

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13 responses to “Dirty Diddy

  1. I just liked your Facebook page. That’s some fancy grooming you did for Dad, he should be much cleaner now!

  2. Oh Link, you are too sweet!!!

  3. hee hee…you gave him some devil horns!


  4. Wow, that was a lot of grooming! Did you cough up a hairball???

  5. Link, that was really good!! We hope Diddy gave you some treats after all that!!

    We’re on FB too!!

  6. Oh Link, you crack me up! You have mad hairdressing skills!

  7. Oh Link we are so proud of you for getting Diddy’s hair all clean. Bet he was pleased. We liked you on Facebook too. We have a page there too.

  8. I don’t just “like” you I LOVE YOU!!!

    The succession of photos on this were just fantastic!


  9. Link – does your diddy know you gave him some devil’s horns – we bet he will think you are furry creative!

  10. Link
    YOU are such a great groomer.
    (and handsome too)


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