Marmie’s Missing

I am MAD right now.


(Actually, “mad” is not the word.  The more appropriate adjective starts with ‘P’ and rhymes with hissed.)

Marmie left me this weekend. 

She is out of town, visiting Aunt Beatrice and Uncle Irvin.


Honestly, I just don’t get it.  Who would want to visit them?

They’re practically geriatric kitties…they don’t do anything!

Unless it pertains to lounging.


Or eating.


How could Marmie possible choose them over a youthful, fun cat like me?



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9 responses to “Marmie’s Missing

  1. Poor baby! Link, remember…you are always welcomed to move to Clemson with me and Cooper. I think you two would get along well. Hope your mom makes it home safe and sound.

  2. Oh nos Link, that is inexcusable. How could she do that to you??? You will have to think up a good punishment. But I hate to tell you this, but they are two pretty cats. But then you are so much more handsome. Hope you have a fantastic day.

  3. Oh Link, some things are just impossible to understand!

  4. you precious baby I don’t blame you for being “starts with a P and rhymes with hissed” I would be too!!!!!

    You know the senior cats have a lot of wisdom, I think your Mom wanted to have a consult so she could offer you some of their sage advice when she gets home xoxoxo

  5. Don’t ya really have to wonder about humans sometimes? Buy hey, they are a nice looking bunch!

  6. Oh no Link.
    We are sure your Marmie is missing you terribly.
    Who could resist that cute little face and tummy?


  7. Has your Marmie had a funny turn – she surely can’t be serious about visiting Auntie Beatrice and Uncle Irvin when she could be at home with you.

  8. I know kittehs hate to have their Marmie’s go away even for a day, but maybe when she returns she will give you DOUBLE of everything — double chin scritches, double treats, double tummy rubs — it could be a good thing!

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