Interior Decorating-Part II

Dear Marmie,

I thought I’d  show you what I do all day while you’re at work. 

Let’s just say…

IMG_4024 IMG_4025

You might not want to eat off these placemats anymore.





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11 responses to “Interior Decorating-Part II

  1. MOL, you are so silly Link. Yup, we think those place mats will be a little bit hairy and not a good place to have a meal. You sure do a great job of redecorating. Great pictures. Take care.

  2. Those place mats are not official, they’ve been properly furred!

  3. He he he Link
    We own efurryfing in da howze!


  4. You just made them your own, Link!

  5. ewwwwww! Kitty butt on the placemats!!! lol

  6. Link, it was very thoughtful of you to give a warning about the placemats. I walk all over ours all the time!

  7. They’re your placemats now Link – we own the ones that go on our table too!!

  8. hahaha, what a very logical spot for Link to roll all over. Anything on the floor gets examined and sat on here.

  9. OMG — hahahhaha!!! That was so funny I spewed my drink.

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