Marmie’s Little Helper



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11 responses to “Marmie’s Little Helper

  1. ohhhh I am dying from the cuteness!!!! It is a kitty tent!!!! That face! I love that face!

  2. Link, we love to help make the bed, too!! But for some reason, our mom doesn’t appreciate our help!!

  3. You are good at making the bed! It is always smart to peek under the sheets to make sure everything is okay under there!

  4. Those are wonderful shot! We like to “help” our mom like that too, only she never has her camera with her when she’s changing the sheets. LOL.

    -Nicki and Derry

  5. Oh that Link is too cute. Love the under the sheet shot. Well done. Lucky says thanks so much for the nice purrs that you left for him. Take care.

  6. We usually find the door shut when mum is changing the bedding – we didn’t know it would be so much fun. We must insist we help her in future so we can have fun too!!
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Those are great pictures! She can never say you don’t help out around the house…there is proof!

  8. You are totally adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we know your mommy appreciates your help.

  9. You are a great helper! My Mommeh has to shut the door when she changes the sheets to keep Harley out. He is a maniac.

  10. Link
    YOU are an eggscellent little helper!


  11. Oh — you make the most adorable helper! Although…I’m guessing the “help” part is not quite the right description. LOL.

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