Running Ritual

Before Marmie goes for a run, I like to snoopervise as she gets her equipment together.


I sit with her while she puts on her running shoes.

I observe as she puts on her watch.

And most importantly, I do quality control checks on her iPod ear bud strings.


Yesterday, the strings were just not looking up to par.


What I noticed was quite subtle—only a cat trained in intense string analysis techniques could detect such a potential hazard.

When  I stood on my hind legs to further scope out the situation, I accidentally lost my balance!


I had no choice but to dig my claws into Marmie’s skin for stability.


As you can imagine, this did not go over well.  Marmie shrieked in pain, and she ran out the door in a huff.

I felt deep remorse…I would never want to hurt Marmie!

Because…I, um…you know…I just love her  so much.


(Plus, any cat knows better than to perturb their number one food source.)


So ever since Marmie got back from her run,  I’ve been snuggling in her lap and twying to wook extwa cutes in hopes that her forgiveness will be swift.


Marmie, feed forgive me, please.


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11 responses to “Running Ritual

  1. Oh Link…Marmie knows you didn’t do that on purpose!! We bet she already has forgiven you!!

  2. Awwww we know she’ll forgive you! Sammy-Joe used to scratch Mama’s arms and legs to shreds, on PURPOSE, for FUN! And Mama still loved him! (Luckily he’s not so bloodthirsty any more!)

  3. ohhhhh noooobody could resist that face! What else could you do? YOU were falling and it HAS to be all about YOU! xoxoxo

  4. We just know you didn’t mean to do that Link. You were just trying to help. We know Marmie will forgive you for sure. Hope you have a really fun day Link.

  5. Oh, that face (last pic). Utterly irresistible. We’re sure Marmie understands you were just doing your best to help her prepare for her run.

    BTW, the mom says just seeing the pics of Marmie getting ready to run tires her out and makes her want to sit down and eat chocolate. Ha.

  6. Look at that face! Of course Marmie will forgive (and feed) you!

  7. Your Marmie had forgiven you in a moment – she knows it was an accident and you didn’t mean to bite the hand that feeds you!! Well only a little gentle nibble anyway.
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. I think you really have to worry about…..nothing! You’re so loved!

  9. Link with that face all is forgiven!


  10. I’m sure all was forgiven once she looked at your sweet face! And if that didn’t do it, then the kiss on the face probably sealed the deal. P.S. If you need any help, my kitteh Rocky has written a “human training” primer today.

  11. Grandpappy

    Link, you are such a cute little (Well, certainly compared to Irvin and Beatrice!) thing. Imps are loved more than you can ever imagine.

    Your Grandpappy was an imp, once-upon-a-time.

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