Play string with me, please???

All right, that’s it!


Quit taking pictures and play with me…NOW!


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13 responses to “String

  1. Play time is much more important than a photo shoot! We hope you get to play with your string!

  2. Lily, I love that you mom painted that picture you use for Link’s banner! She’s really good!!! Link is lucky to have such an artistic grandma 🙂

  3. I sure am glad you finally got someone’s attention!

  4. kozykatkondo

    Oh Link
    I’ll play!
    Your orange buddy

  5. Sorry Link
    Momma was “duhr” logged in under Daddy’s web page!
    That was just me Ping from ManxMnews!

  6. you tell ’em!!!!! The pics can wait! When you want to play they need to JUMP!

  7. That stringthing looks very enticing. No wonder you like to play with it!

  8. Yeah, string is mostly only fun when you have a friend to work the other end of it!

  9. Good job trying to get attention. You need to get that human away from the camera and get going with that string. We love to play with string too. But we do like to see your pictures Link but maybe Mom will play with you when she gets done with the photography. Take care.

  10. We think string is a great toy but mum gets bored wiggling it after about 10 minutes and wanders off!!
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. As I paged through this delightful blog, I felt the urge to comment growing on me. I could not resist this one. The feeling of companionship is just too delicious to pass unnoted. Yes! String-game! Yes! Irritability!

    Bugs just finished his business & announced same — at the very moment I wrote “irritability” — with some comment that sounded a lot like irritability to me. Hope he’s just his usual ornery self & not sick. Must go investigate.

    Great to meet you!

    One point needs clearing up, tho: Which blog do I follow? Health Pad? Or this one?

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