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Best Week Ever

Did I ever mention I won a contest?  Yep.  It’s true!  I was one of two official winners of Anna the German Shepherd’s Spectacular Tonguetacular Contest.


Remember the super cute picture I submitted?


I’m quite proud of my win, but I should admit I won this contest simply because my name was drawn out of a hat, not because I’m ridiculously handsome.

However, this woofie, Bailey Be Good, actually did win the contest because of his looks, as he was the recipient of the fan favorite vote.

My prize for being one of the lucky winners?

Let’s find out!


First up:


A floppy puppy!

IMG_4384IMG_4386 IMG_4387IMG_4388

Oh boy, I’d never seen a toy quite this big and plush before, and whoa did I like it!

Next, a rubber ball.


Golly, another kind of toy I’d never experienced playing with!  And I thought I was an expert when it came to toys…

This next item was a bit perplexing.


Wait a minute…canine cookies?

I pondered for a moment.  Anna has three kitty siblings.  She must know what kitties like. 

Do her kitty housemates like dog treats?  No, they couldn’t possibly…

Then it hit me.  I must’ve mistakenly received Bailey the Dog’s winnings!

I contacted Bailey and we sorted it all out.  I have to admit, I really didn’t want to give away my new toys, but Marmie made me.  She said it just wouldn’t be right to keep Bailey’s doggie presents, no matter how much I liked them.

My disappointment was alleviated yesterday when the kitty stuff arrived!


I tried to open the box all by myself.  I could smell some goooood stuff in there.


Look at the swag!!

IMG_4481IMG_4482 IMG_4483

It took no time at all before I zeroed in on a new favorite toy.  I’m a big fan of the feathers.


Marmie took a picture of the rest of the goodies while I was tumbling around the room playing with the pink feather ball.  She and I are both thrilled with my treats.  We’re particularly excited to grow me my very own Nibble-Licious wheatgrass—now I’ll have my very own herbs to eat!

It’s been quite an exciting week.  I got to play with lots of new toys, AND I made 2 new doggie friends. 

Winning this Spectacular Tongue Contest might just be the best thing that’s ever happened to me!



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My Story, Part I

Greetings all,


Here I am, relaxing in my favorite nap spot on the back of Marmie’s couch.  I sure do live in the lap of luxury, don’t I?

The truth is, I do live quite a charmed life.  But it hasn’t always been this way. 

Before I moved in with Marmie, I lived on the streets.

Since I’ve been blogging for a few months now, I figured it’s finally time to finally share the story of how I came to be a housecat. 

Without further adieu, here’s Part I of the official story detailing how I transitioned from street talkin’ to bird watchin’

On March 19th, 2010, Marmie and Diddy decided to take a walk around a local baseball park.

They had walked for about 15 minutes before they spotted little orange me begging for a bit of food in the parking lot.

And there I was!  I had a mother and her son wrapped around my claw.  They were  sitting in the open trunk of their van, legs dangling, feeding me bits of McDonald’s cheeseburger.

Marmie, a cat lover since birth, saw me– a skinny, orange cat, and she walked right over to pet me.

Marmie said, somewhat jokingly, “Hey, Kitty.  Can I take you home and name you Zelda?

Diddy knew there was only a hint of jest in Marmie’s question.  It was no secret Marmie, a poor graduate student, was anxiously anticipating the day she could financially afford to adopt a cat.  She was rather eager for this day to arrive as she’d already decided she wanted to adopt a girl cat, and she’d predetermined this cat’s name to be Zelda.

Well, on this March day, Diddy took one look at my backside and determined I was no Zelda.  He told Marmie, “You can’t name this cat Zelda, but you can take it home and name it Link.”

(FYI-Link is the male hero and Zelda is the female princess in the Zelda videogames.)

This statement from Diddy was exactly the reason Marmie decided to give me a temporary shelter.  But not for the reason you think.

“You mean, he’s not neutered?” She asked Diddy.  “We have to take him to a shelter,” she exclaimed.

Yes, folks, that is correct.  Marmie considered taking me home with her simply because she did not like the idea of me roaming the streets, creating orange man cat offspring.

Being 6 o’clock on a Friday evening, Marmie knew she couldn’t get me to a shelter before they closed.  So, she decided to take me home with her for just one night and then bring me to a shelter the next morning.


Obviously, we know Marmie kept me for a lot more that 1 night, but in order to read how 1 night became over 365 nights, you’ll have to stay tuned for My Story, Part II.


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Wordless Wednesday: Paws Crossed



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Cat Carrier Upgrade

The harness from hades wasn’t the only surprise Marmie and Diddy brought home from PetSmart this weekend.

Behold this beast…


my new cat carrier.

Are you confused? 

I certainly am.  Marmie, I’m a cat, not a Yorkie (or whatever kind of dog that is)!

Despite my befuddlement, my cat instincts could not help but guide me to snoopervise the building process.


And here it is…


Seeing this zebra print embellishment truly made me wonder if Marmie and Diddy “get me.”

I am an Orange Manly Man Cat–not some effeminate poodle.

Nonetheless, I inspected the new digs.


While I’m not a fan of the fruity print, I do appreciate the plush interior and spacious accommodations.

As long as no lady cats see me in this thing, it might be ok.


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The Harness from Hades

Marmie and Diddy came home with from PetSmart with a torture device.


Diddy tried to make me sit still while he fastened the choking straps to my chest and neck.

Once it was on, I wormed and squirmed–


Fighting back with all my orange might.

My efforts proved fruitless once Diddy attached a leash to the apparatus of doom.


I could tell life as I knew it was over, so I simply gave up.

 IMG_4423IMG_4424 IMG_4425

I flopped my body to the ground in defeat.  I might as well have been paralyzed.

Finally, Diddy encouraged me to step out onto the porch.


While outside, I almost forgot I was being strangled.  It’s rare I get the opportunity to tread within 5 feet of Marmie’s herbs!

I certainly am glad I got to venture into that fresh night air.


But overall, I remain leery of this contraption.


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Yellow Mouse


This is an older pic of me, fresh from the streets, hugging my first artificial mouse.


It didn’t have real fur or guts, but I certainly did love that thing.


I protected Yellow Mouse with my life.


He was my toy of choice for many months.IMG_1114

But then I grew into a man cat and discovered new favorite toys


And Yellow Mouse has sat at the bottom of my toy basket since.


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Completely Nipped


The Binge:


The Aftermath:


IMG_4337 IMG_4339


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Take a Hint-Part II

Marms, please take heed.


Mouse and I


are trying to show you something verrrrrrry important.



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Twitchy Tail

This is how you know I’m in hunting mode.


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Snoozy, Stretchy Sunday

IMG_4304IMG_4306IMG_4308IMG_4310  IMG_4312 IMG_4313


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