Doctor of Cat Medicine

Normally my evening activities consist of the following:

But tonight I’ve decided to rearrange my typical schedule.

It appears Marmie is not feeling well.  She came straight home from work, put on her pj’s, put in one of her darned One Tree Hill DVDs, and plopped down on the couch.

So of course I’m treating her with my Doctor of Cat Medicine skills.


They include:

1) Snuggling



2) Snoozing



3) Bathing


And here’s an important cat doctor’s trick…each of these things must be done while sitting on the sick human’s lap.


Whadda you know? 

Marmie says she’s feeling better already!


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12 responses to “Doctor of Cat Medicine

  1. Feel better Lily! At least you have some company while sick. I think Cooper is a hypochondriac …he won’t come near me when I’m sick!

  2. She’s in good paws fur sure!

  3. Oh Link, you are the best healer of all. Good job trying to help Mom feel better. We are sending tons of purrs that she will feel better. Take care. We love those pictures.

  4. Well, of course she’s feeling better. She has a great doctor!

  5. Dr. Link to Marmie’s lap…STAT!

  6. Oh that’s the best kinda medicine!! Good job, Link!!

  7. Rumblemum is most impressed with Dr Link, she needs a housecall!!!

  8. Well done, Link. That must have been exhausting for you.

  9. Link, you are good medicine for Marmie!

  10. We hope your Marmie is feeling better with your purrfect nursing skills.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. Link
    Amazing how quickly the right medicine will work every time!


  12. Grandpappy

    Link, thanks for taking care of my little girl.

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