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11 responses to “Help!

  1. Oh, noes…! We’re teleporting over to break you out of there!

    -Nicki and Derry

  2. you poor baby! Were you going to the vet?

  3. Oh no, that doesn’t look good…what’s up?

  4. Those pitiful meows break my heart! I hope you are okay.

  5. We need a breakout…breakout over at Link’s.
    EVERYONE needs to respond!

    *we’re purrin for you bro*

  6. awww poor Link! But your carrier is so sporty!

  7. Oh no! Where are you going, Link??? You sure don’t like it in there, do you??

  8. You need a tuna cake with a file in it, my friend?

  9. Oh no – not the dreaded (whispers) v-e-t . Remember to fight tooth and claw for freedom.
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. Oh nooos Link. What is wrong?? All the kitties here heard you and are very upset for you. Where are they taking you?? Can’t wait to hear the end of this story. Hope you got out of there. We have our paws crossed that you are all right.

  11. jodi

    Link you are giving my sister a run for her money:) Keep fighting the good fight.

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