On the Road…Again

Thanks for all your purrs and concerns about my last post.  Marmie and I were just going on a weekend vacay.  No V-E-T for me!

Unfortunately, Marmie travels A LOT. 

Some “experts” boast cats can be conditioned to tolerate car rides.

Yeah right.

I hate the car more and more each time I’m forced to buckle in.

These days, when I see my cat carrier, I know to run and hide.


Under Marmie’s bed.


I dare you to crawl under here and fetch me, Marms.


Unfortunately, Marmie is an expert cat catcher.


I always end up stuffed in the bag.


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9 responses to “On the Road…Again

  1. My friend, you look so much like the Cheshire cat in that first photo!!

  2. Oh Link, I am sorry that Marmie makes you go on trips with her. Maybe you could tell her that you would rather stay home. You looked so sad yesterday. But maybe it was fun. We think hiding under the bed is just perfect. Take care.

    • Well, Marmie tried leaving me home last weekend for 2 nights by myself. I seemed ok (although I did disconnect her dryer hose), but she was worried the whole time. I am very naughty, and there’s no telling what I might get into in her absence. She doesn’t want me to hurt myself. She really wants to find a neighbor she trusts who could check in on me when she leaves for the weekend. But until that happens, there are probably more car rides in my future. 😦

  3. On noes, not the dreaded PTU!

  4. awwww maybe your Mom should get you a PTU where you don’t feel quite as enclosed and you can see more of what is going on around you? Unless she is flying of course, then she may not have much of a choice. Does your Mommy put you in the front seat with her in your carrier? I did it with both of my kitties and Bobo never minded the car and Cody doesn’t either. I turn the carrier so that he can see me driving and I put my finger in his carrier so I can scritch his nose 🙂

    • My mom has thought about getting a new carrier, but is not certain what to get. I do like that my current carrier is so soft. Marmie always seats me in the back seat. We’ve tried the front, but I cry just as much. Marmie feels like if she got in an accident the back seat would be a safer place for me because of the airbag. Thanks for the suggestions…any tips on how to make traveling less stressful are appreciated!

  5. Oh no – the dreaded car ride. We both hate it – I, Hannah am always sick and can manage to do it before we even get out of our village!! I am OK coming back home and mum isn’t sure if it’s the car or the thought it is probably for the stabby place!! Lucy on the other paw is so quiet – mum thinks she is hoping that she will forget to take her into the vets !!
    We hope you get a bigger carrier and then if it has hard sides your mom can seat belt you onto the back seat.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. I’m just happy it wasn’t a vet trip. Oh, and I hate those car rides too!

  7. Link
    The first time Mom took me on a car trip and I realized I wasn’t going to the Vet I was fine. I liked it , give it a try maybe you will too.


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