A Little Tongue

There’s a contest going on in the animal blogosphere that I’d like to enter.

All I have to do is select a picture of my tongue to share on the blog.


Here I am engaging in one of my favorite pastimes—eating paper…


Specifically, the paper comprising Marmie’s eye doctor records. 



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12 responses to “A Little Tongue

  1. OH MY! Your tongue is loooong AND wide!

    I like to eat utility bills. I find the paper particularly tasty. It must be an Ornj thing!

    luv, Felix

  2. You have an adorable little tongue. Much cuter den dat big doggies.

  3. Awww, you have a cute little tongue…for a kitty cat. 😉

    Woofs & hugs,


  4. Link that would make a great tongue picture. You need to enter that contest. Black is sticking out his tongue too on our post today.
    I think the kitty that was on Cat Blogosphere yesterday called Little Bit is coming to my house today just until we find her a home. You said a friend of a friend might want her.

  5. You got a cute tongue. I like to lick envelopes … the part with the glue on it!

  6. The only licking we do – apart from our extensive grooming of course – is to clean up our dinner plates hahahaha!!

  7. I am not so sure Mommy wants you to eat those papers~! However your tongue is an excellent one.

  8. Another kitty?!?! That’s okay, kitties are pretty cool. I might have to change my Tongue-tacular logo to be more diverse next years!

  9. that is a great looking tongue to me!

  10. You said a mouth full!!!

  11. Link
    Ya know what Momma caught Boo lickin this morning?
    A rubber band.
    It didn’t take two seconds for Momma to grab it away from her and get rid of it.

    your orinch brofur

  12. I HAVE CAT

    love your tongue! =^^=
    so pink and cute!

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