Fort Bartholomew

Diddy built me a fort, and I’ve been enjoying it all weekend long.


Fort Bartholomew is quite functional.


Its location is perfect for watching birds outside the big window.


It also serves as a top notch spa.


And after a day of bird watching and grooming, shade makes it the perfect locale for a snuggly snooze with Dolphin.

Happy Sunday!

P.S. Want to learn more about how I became a blogging cat?  Check out my interview at The Anipal Times!


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9 responses to “Fort Bartholomew

  1. Oh Link, that is one gorgeous fort. What a lucky cat you are to have such a nice Diddy to do that for you. We might have to teleport over there and check it out. We read your interview and it was great. We are so glad you decided to do your own blog.

  2. That is an amazing fort!!! Diddy was so nice to build that for you!! How lucky you are to have a dolphin too! That is one of my favorite animals (next to cats of course) Enjoyed your interview with the Anipals!

  3. A fort of your very own with a view too – you are a very spoiled kitty indeed. We see it comes with lots of comfy blankies too and your furry own dolphin. You have a very good diddy.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. WOW – Link – that is a great fort. You has a really nice dad to build dat for you. Happy Sunday.

  5. Bravo Link! May the Fort Be With You!

  6. Wowie, I am a little envious of your fabulous fort!

  7. Healthy organic crap! Link! Have you no feeling for the planet? Come on. Do the math. Cool fort for you from Diddy sustainability in exchange. That adds up to the proper collaborative enterprise.

    Oh. I forgot. You’re a cat. Collaboration is a tough one. I forgive you. There’s still time.

  8. Link
    We saw your interview — we thought it was great!
    and your fort is terrific, just purrfect for an orinch mancat!


  9. Oh, what a neat fort. It was great of your dad to build it for you.

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