I Like to Eat…Herbs


Marmie, what’s Diddy doing on the porch?


He’s trying to save my dying herbs, Link.


Herbs?  Marmie, did you say herbs???


How dare you leave me stuck in here.


Let me at ‘em!


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11 responses to “I Like to Eat…Herbs

  1. MOL!!! MOL!!! MOL!!

    Purrfect choice of photos for the verbage!!! Fabulous!

  2. catfromhell

    Yous looks just like my brother the brat Kozmo! He can’t go outside yet and he meows just like yous!!!

  3. Link, there you go again, being all cute again. That was very rude of those rents to keep you in the house. They are totally norty. Those are such good pictures. You have an excellent assistant. Take care.

  4. MOL! We like grass and cat grass, but haven’t tried herbs! Of course, it’s not like our mom grows any….

  5. I never tried any herbs before. They sound a little bit delicious…

  6. That is so seriously frustrating!!!

  7. That is so cruel to you Link – fancy leaving you inside when there’s dying herbs to investigate. How can you do your detective work properly when you can’t look at the clues??
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Condiments. It’s all about condiments.

  9. Simon likes da herbs too! This helps give me ideas for your prize basket!! Muwhahahahaha!

  10. Oh my! If Mom left us alone with ANY of her herbs or plants, we would end up being in BIG trouble and get banished into the garage for timeout….! We just cant contain ourselves around plants and flowers and such!

    Maxwell, Tater and Sasha

  11. Link
    We bet you could take ‘good’ care of those herbs.


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