Flashback Friday-Bath Time

I’ve endured 2 baths since meeting Marmie.

Once when she first rescued me from the streets.

And once when Marmie picked me up from my kitty condo, and I smelled like poo.

I took neither of these baths lightly.  In fact, being a fastidious groomer, I was quite offended–Diddy has the scratches to prove it.


To make things worse, Marmie has picture documentation of my embarrassingly wet coat. 

IMG_0839 IMG_0840

But don’t worry, I eventually licked my furs into submission! 

IMG_0841 IMG_0842

However, it took many hours of work before they returned to standard, grade-A, Link Bartholomew form.



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16 responses to “Flashback Friday-Bath Time

  1. You are even adorable soaking wet!

    I cannot believe your Mommy rescued you from the street, who would ever give up a kitty as adorable as you?

    You are truly sooo special!

  2. Oh Link! We hope you don’t have to endure another one of those!!

  3. We must be the only creatures on earth that get DRY when we wash! We Cats are AMAZING, no?

    We will never speak of this “bath” again…it’s too horrible to contemplate.

  4. Sharon

    What did he do this time? I am going on assumption here…he turned something liquid over onto himself. Gramdmas know these things!

  5. Yikes! We’ve never had a bath, not from our mom at any rate, and she adopted us when we were 6 months old. There’s no way she’d even try. Ha!

  6. Grandpappy

    Link, you are soooooo lucky!
    Neither of your cousins, Beatrice nor Irvin, get to take baths.

  7. Oh nooos, not a bath. Our Mom would never even attempt that kind of thing with us. We would not ever let her do that. Glad you got all those furs all straightened out. But you are still the cutest ever, even all wet.

  8. I never had a bath before. It looks very Not Fun!

  9. We’ve never had a bath in water only a tongue bath. We don’t think we would like a water bath very much – does it hurt???
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. Hey, my Dad gave me a bath only once, the fur stuck to his tongue!

  11. Link. Next time they try this, call me immediately. Then man the barricades and do not lose heart. Help is on the way. /s/ Bugs Monster Man-Cat.

  12. Our kitties rarely get baths, but when they do it’s BOL funny to me…not so much for the kitties though!!

  13. catfromhell

    Link – Yous shouls see my peoples after me has had baths!!!!!

  14. Yeah, I have never met a kitteh who was fond of the bath. But hopefully they don’t occur too often!

  15. Link
    Grade A Link fashion,huh?
    Well you are definitely A+


  16. Our Mama used to give Sammy-Joe baths in the sink when he was kitten. So he quickly grew into a giant kitty and beat her up the next time she tried it!

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