Twitchy Tail

This is how you know I’m in hunting mode.


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14 responses to “Twitchy Tail

  1. Fuzzy Tales

    Oh, yes, there must have been a dangerous introoder out there! An evil squirrel perhaps? Crazed bird?

  2. That is one wild and crazy tail!

  3. Oh yea, ready you are!

  4. Look at that whippy tail!


  5. Get it quick before it runs/flies away.

  6. That tail action means there is something really good out there. Must be a super good bird. Good job Link letting us know. Hope you have a great day tomorrow.

  7. yep you certainly are! My Angel Bobo’s tail used to get soooooooooooooo big and bushy…just like yours!


  8. Reminds me of my sweet Maxxy, for sure! Get ready! Here you come!

  9. And it’s all poufed out! Excellent!

  10. We hope your tail wasn’t twitching cos you have an introoder cat in your garden Link.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. Mia does the same thing! But she also chirps…or some sort of noise. You look like a great hunter!!

  12. catfromhell

    Yous klooks like it was something yous wanted to chase! Me has bonked my head on the glass trying to get at them!!

  13. Did you know? The Poofy Tail is back. The kind of retro-50’s Gidget thing. Link is secure in his masculinity enough to try this look. Does well with it, I think. Does he have a step-by-step, to achieve it? Diagrams with the hair-dryer? He comes by it — naturally, you say? How can you make money out of that? Come on Link. Tell us.

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