Take a Hint-Part II

Marms, please take heed.


Mouse and I


are trying to show you something verrrrrrry important.




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14 responses to “Take a Hint-Part II


    awwww super cute!

  2. Sue Monsey

    Adorable. My kittie puts one of her mousies on my laptop….it’s there waiting for me everyday when I get home!

  3. Dawn

    Absolutely adorable.

  4. Now there’s a sight that strikes fear into every Cat’s heart…an empty fudz dish!


  5. omc the expression on that precious face is too much!! I love how his mousie even matches his bowl…lol…………cuteness alert! xoxo

  6. Oh, no, empty food bowl! Very cute that your mousie is in there….if it was a real mousie you could eat it and hold off starvation! We hope your bowl got filled pronto!

  7. Guess the mousie is hungry too. That was nice of you Link to tell Mom to feed the little mouse too. That sure is an empty dish. And that look on your face is enough to get some food served up. Great pictures.

  8. You can’t ask much more plainly than that, Link!

  9. Maybe a mouse with a bell on it would help, you could ring for service!!!

  10. Bahahahaha! You show her!

    ps. mom should get your package in the mail today, so look out for it!

  11. catfromhell

    Did you peoples get the hint?

  12. Link
    We will help fill your bowl with num nums!


  13. MOL!! I love these photos. Mousie in the dish is just too precious. Hey Link, tell Marmie there is a fun kitty quiz for her over at my blog — I’m pretty sure she will ace it! =^..^=

  14. Hasn’t your mom taken the hint yet – try whapping your bowl across the floor and see if that helps her remember you’re still hungry.
    luv Hannah and lucy xx xx

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