Completely Nipped


The Binge:


The Aftermath:


IMG_4337 IMG_4339



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10 responses to “Completely Nipped

  1. Oh no, Link!! You may need an intervention!!

  2. NipFest, then rest!!!

  3. Looks like you are nipped out Link. Nothing better than that good old nip. What a happy boy your are. Take care.

  4. That was so fun! Yep, you could have an addiction there, Link…But don’t worry, you’re not alone in that! 😀

  5. Hey Link – we see you like your nip – we do too! We’ll have to get together with other nip lovers and have a real nipfest.
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. catfromhell

    WOW! Yous looks nipped out! Time to Pawty!!

  7. bet you got the munchies too!!!! MOL!!

  8. Oh Link
    YOU have such a fantastic orinch face!


  9. Link, have you ever seen my video “Catnip Reefer Madness”? You might want to watch it, just to be safe!

  10. The lino, Link. Get your butt over to the LINO! No! Not the carpet! The lino!


    Oh well, never mind. Marmie will clean it up.

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