Yellow Mouse


This is an older pic of me, fresh from the streets, hugging my first artificial mouse.


It didn’t have real fur or guts, but I certainly did love that thing.


I protected Yellow Mouse with my life.


He was my toy of choice for many months.IMG_1114

But then I grew into a man cat and discovered new favorite toys


And Yellow Mouse has sat at the bottom of my toy basket since.



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13 responses to “Yellow Mouse

  1. “make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other’s gold!”

    reminded me of that song…you still have your special friend but you have new ones too!

    I still can’t believe that someone abandoned you…that face!!! I just can’t believe it xoxoxo

  2. Poor Yellow Mouse! Not even one bite, one mauling?

    Maybe a little Nip would make him appealing once again…

  3. I bet some day you will play with yellow mousie again. You are such a cutie.

  4. Oh dear Link, you need to get yellow mouse out again. He must be very lonely without you tossing him around the place. You sure were handsome straight off the streets. Take care and have yourself a super week end.

  5. You see what happens? When they first meet you, they’re all over you. It’s all, Can I buy you a drink oh honey you are so hot

    And this is what that leads to.

    My therapist-bills are in the mail and believe me, honey, they are piling up. Read the settlement. You owe me bigtime.

    And by the way? the color choice was your idea. It’s permanent and my life is ruined. So that’s another line-item on the bills.

  6. I think you will pay him a visit again someday, renewed friendships are always fun! Have a wonderful weekend my friend!!!

  7. Please go and see your old mousie – he was your first friend and now he has been abandoned in the toy box.
    sob, sob, sob, sob – we’ve got wet hankies from our tears now.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Sometimes we forget about our toys then one day we’re like “Whoa!! I love this toy! Where did it comes from?!” and everything is happy. 🙂

  9. catfromhell

    Hmm, makes me think about what is in the bottom of my toy box…me thinks me will go see if my red mousie is still there….
    Thanks for reminding me! Nellie

  10. There is nothing like your very first toy…

  11. Link
    One day yellow mouse will seem like he is a new toy and yet he will be so familiar and you’ll play with him again.


  12. Sometimes the first friends are really the best friends, Link.

  13. Link, you should pull yellow mousie out again! We bet you’ll find he’s still a lotta fun!!

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