The Harness from Hades

Marmie and Diddy came home with from PetSmart with a torture device.


Diddy tried to make me sit still while he fastened the choking straps to my chest and neck.

Once it was on, I wormed and squirmed–


Fighting back with all my orange might.

My efforts proved fruitless once Diddy attached a leash to the apparatus of doom.


I could tell life as I knew it was over, so I simply gave up.

 IMG_4423IMG_4424 IMG_4425

I flopped my body to the ground in defeat.  I might as well have been paralyzed.

Finally, Diddy encouraged me to step out onto the porch.


While outside, I almost forgot I was being strangled.  It’s rare I get the opportunity to tread within 5 feet of Marmie’s herbs!

I certainly am glad I got to venture into that fresh night air.


But overall, I remain leery of this contraption.



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19 responses to “The Harness from Hades

  1. Aww, I’m glad that you enjoyed your time outside. It took a LOT of coaxing to get my cat to walk on a leash. Treats help!

  2. Oh Link you are too cute. Linx didn’t like his harness and he is a pup so I don’t blame you for not loving it.

  3. We are amazed, we mean AMAZED that you were able to move at all wearing that spawn of the devil device! As soon as Mommy puts one on us, we immediately lose all our bones. It’s EVIL.

  4. Link, you are just like me when they put that evil thing on!! I go to the floor…never to move again!! Maybe you’ll get used to it…I haven’t yet….


  5. Well, considering what it is wrapped around you, I think you did good!

  6. Oh Link, we think you did great with that horrible thing on you. We would just lie down and not ever move again. And you did get up and take a couple of steps. You might get so you like it if you get to go outside. Keep us posted.

  7. You did really well! It can take patience on the part of your humans to get you used to a harness and leash, if you balk at it at first. If you do, your humans can put the harness on you during the days and let you roam around the house with it on till you’re used to it, then attach the leash and let you drag it around the house (supervised — lol) until you’re used to doing that, and then take you outside. But you might not need to go through all that, given how well you d id!

  8. I agree with Fuzzy above.

    I actually used a collar and a DOG LEASH (yep a chain one!) for my Angel Bobo…it took him just a few days to adjust to it. When I brought him outside he would walk so closely to the ground (like he was in the war lol)….

    Link I think you will like it in no time……maybe so much so that when the door opens you will always be trying to get out!


  9. Aww buddy – I know exactly how you feel. I went through dat last summer, but then I began to realize it was the only way my oomans were going to let me outside. By the end of the summer I was jumping up on my perch whenever I’d see M get that strappy thing out – I’d wait for her to put it on me. If it means getting outside, it’s worth it.

  10. You are brave to wear that Link – we think you should have a medal pinned on to it for valour.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. OMG, you can do that to kitties?!?! I don’t think there’s a harness big enough for Alley! BOL!

  12. Oh Link
    The horror of your gorgeous orangeness in such a contraption!
    Wait — you got to outside!
    Well maybe it isn’t so bad after all.
    Going outside brings a whole new attitude to this thing!


  13. Amazingly, Bugs’s teacher Teresa just brought the exact same one of these over for our last session this past Thursday. We got it out of the wrapper, so that’s progress. We move slowly down South.

    I’ll show T this post about Link’s leadership on the point and if I ever get time to write again, judging from Link’s adventure, I’ll have no shortage of things to say.

    We’re starting Bugs off with an ace bandage around his chest & back. Not even attempting his hind-1/4s yet. Like I said. We move slowly down here.

  14. But Link, the blue color looks very most excellent next to your gingery furs!

  15. Link, if you back up you usually can crawl out of that device.

  16. Theresa Riley

    This is the first thing that’s made me laugh in over a week 🙂 Very funny 🙂

  17. Most kittehs don’t take to these things right away, if ever!! I tried it a few times with my three, with mostly disastrous results.

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