Cat Carrier Upgrade

The harness from hades wasn’t the only surprise Marmie and Diddy brought home from PetSmart this weekend.

Behold this beast…


my new cat carrier.

Are you confused? 

I certainly am.  Marmie, I’m a cat, not a Yorkie (or whatever kind of dog that is)!

Despite my befuddlement, my cat instincts could not help but guide me to snoopervise the building process.


And here it is…


Seeing this zebra print embellishment truly made me wonder if Marmie and Diddy “get me.”

I am an Orange Manly Man Cat–not some effeminate poodle.

Nonetheless, I inspected the new digs.


While I’m not a fan of the fruity print, I do appreciate the plush interior and spacious accommodations.

As long as no lady cats see me in this thing, it might be ok.



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15 responses to “Cat Carrier Upgrade


    cool carrier! I hear ya on the print Bart…can I call you Bart? 🙂

  2. That is one fancy carrier, Link!! We have a plain ol’ plastic one…we feel deprived….

  3. Wow, very nice! We have carriers that open both from the front, as is standard, but also from the top. So when we have to go somewhere, the mom just picks us up and plops us in, no fuss, no muss. She loves the top-loaders…Us? Not so much.

  4. I really like this carrier however I do kinda agree with you about that wild print! It looks like you have a hot bachelor pad! lol

  5. We thought that zebra print was a soft cushion for you to sit on – fancy the top being soft when you sit on the hard floor of the carrier. We get lots of old newspapers in the bottom of our carriers as Lucy nearly always does a pee and Hannah is always sick some times before we get 100 yards in the car. Of course it’s not that we are scared – it’s mum’s driving!!
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. That is very fancy LInk! Hey, if it had wheels on it you could take yourself to the vet! Hmmmmmm, maybe not!

  7. As a girl, although I am a dog, it is quite pimptastic. It may draw in the ladies. I mean, how many kitties have their own, moveable, bachelor swagger pad??

  8. catfromhell

    As a lady cat, me thinks it does suit you!!! (giggle)

  9. That is one fancy carrier. We don’t think the Zebra stripes are too bad. And like Katnip said, it isn’t pink. If it is comfy ,that is all that matters. At least everyone will notice you when you arrive at where ever you are going.

  10. Link
    You’re going high fashion!
    Zebra prints are really in this season.

    Wonder how you will feel after your first trip in it?


  11. That is on curvalicious carrier!

  12. Nice carrier, Link, though it’s a bit too small for me. It may just hold my 2 front paws. 😉

    Woofs & hugs,


  13. I think it looks pawesome! But yeah…best not to let the lady cats see you in it. =^..^=

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