Best Week Ever

Did I ever mention I won a contest?  Yep.  It’s true!  I was one of two official winners of Anna the German Shepherd’s Spectacular Tonguetacular Contest.


Remember the super cute picture I submitted?


I’m quite proud of my win, but I should admit I won this contest simply because my name was drawn out of a hat, not because I’m ridiculously handsome.

However, this woofie, Bailey Be Good, actually did win the contest because of his looks, as he was the recipient of the fan favorite vote.

My prize for being one of the lucky winners?

Let’s find out!


First up:


A floppy puppy!

IMG_4384IMG_4386 IMG_4387IMG_4388

Oh boy, I’d never seen a toy quite this big and plush before, and whoa did I like it!

Next, a rubber ball.


Golly, another kind of toy I’d never experienced playing with!  And I thought I was an expert when it came to toys…

This next item was a bit perplexing.


Wait a minute…canine cookies?

I pondered for a moment.  Anna has three kitty siblings.  She must know what kitties like. 

Do her kitty housemates like dog treats?  No, they couldn’t possibly…

Then it hit me.  I must’ve mistakenly received Bailey the Dog’s winnings!

I contacted Bailey and we sorted it all out.  I have to admit, I really didn’t want to give away my new toys, but Marmie made me.  She said it just wouldn’t be right to keep Bailey’s doggie presents, no matter how much I liked them.

My disappointment was alleviated yesterday when the kitty stuff arrived!


I tried to open the box all by myself.  I could smell some goooood stuff in there.


Look at the swag!!

IMG_4481IMG_4482 IMG_4483

It took no time at all before I zeroed in on a new favorite toy.  I’m a big fan of the feathers.


Marmie took a picture of the rest of the goodies while I was tumbling around the room playing with the pink feather ball.  She and I are both thrilled with my treats.  We’re particularly excited to grow me my very own Nibble-Licious wheatgrass—now I’ll have my very own herbs to eat!

It’s been quite an exciting week.  I got to play with lots of new toys, AND I made 2 new doggie friends. 

Winning this Spectacular Tongue Contest might just be the best thing that’s ever happened to me!


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17 responses to “Best Week Ever

  1. Awww, congrats! So CUTE!

  2. Hi Link!! I’m glad you’re enjoying your new toys! I’m enjoying mine too! I’m actually really glad we had this little mix-up (thanks Anna!). Without it, I would have never known there were nice kitties in this world. 😉

    Lotsa woofs & doggie hugs (heh),

    ~Bailey (girl) 😉

  3. Well, you had fun checking out the doggy toys. Glad the kitty package finally caught up with you. Congarts.

  4. thank goodness! I was looking at the stuff dumbfounded wondering why a cat would win dog toys!! lol. Glad everything turned out ok!

  5. Amber-Mae

    I read Bailey’s post just now regarding the mixed up packages. How funny Anna sent the wrong ones to you guys! Anyway, glad you finally got YOUR package. Those toys are very nice!

  6. That’s some pretty awesome toys, both of you! Well done!

  7. That big doll looked like a great toy but we are glad you got the toys all sorted out. Having your very own grass should be tons of fun. Glad you had a great week Link and congrats on winning all those toys. You got to play with all of them.

  8. You got some great toys Link – we’re glad you got the right ones in the end – we thought the first ones looked large until we read about the mix up!!
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. That’s a great haul Link! Hey, you’re ALWAYS a winner in our book! Have a great weekend pal!

  10. Link, congratulations on your win! That’s an awesome prize you got!! For a second there, we thought Anna was playing a funny April Fool’s joke on you!! Glad you got it all sorted out!!

    And BTW, our mom thinks you are ridiculously handsome, too!!

  11. Linkie! The best of both worlds cay- & fee- line! Well done. Tongues out.

  12. Mom is sooooo sorry about the mixup! The stupid UPS guys were like “this is right” and mom was like “are you sure you didn’t get them mixed up??” Bah! Silly peoples messing up doggie/kitty mails!! I’m glad you like your REAL prizes!! We’re glad you can grow your own herbs now!

  13. WOW – you really raked it in Link. You got lots of good prizes. he he – you were so kind not to try the doggie cookies – I probably would have been tempted to dig in.

  14. Hi Link
    So happy to meet you!
    Congrats on the contest and your super cool new toys.
    I loved reading about your story – what a great marmie you’ve got! We’ve just rescued a ginger boy (Benji) here in Greece, he also used to live on the streets and was very sick and poorly when we scooped him up one day a month ago. You can meet him if you like over at Gods Little People.
    Oh, and you for sure have so irresistible paws!!

  15. Congratulations, Link! I’m glad you got the right toys because they look cool!

  16. Oh Link
    I think you got the better box — now those are some good toys and noms!

    Abby Ping Jinx Boo Gracie

  17. We saw that you won that contest with your cute tongue! Your presents look great! Too bad you had to return the doggie toys… but we think you’ll love the kitty things much better! Sammy-Joe is already jealous of the wheat grass and wants to know when Mama will buy HIM some of that!

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