A Legacy of Orange-Thomasina

Hey Peeps!  It’s Aunt Beatrice.


Just in case you missed it, I’m filling in for my nephew Link this week.

Today I thought it might be interesting to share a bit of info about Link’s family history.

Did you know he’s a third generation orange cat?

It’s true.  Meet Orange Cat #1: Thomasina. 


Don’t be fooled by the name.  Thomasina’s a ‘he,’ not a ‘she.’  He was named after the orange cat in the Disney movie The Three Lives of Thomasina

Thomasina was Marmie’s 1st cat growing up.  It took years of begging her parents before she was allowed to adopt a cat.  Marmie’s folks were reluctant at first because they did not think they were ‘pet people.’  That is, until they met Thomasina, the feline responsible for  converting them to cat lovers for life.

Earlier today, Link’s Marmie and I were looking at old pictures of Thomasina.  Here are some of our favorites:


Marmie has precious childhood recollections of family Jeopardy viewings.  While Marmie and family sat at the kitchen table, Thomasina comfortably perched atop the television, tail swaying back and forth across the screen.IMG_4554

Thomasina was a social cat.  He usually preferred to be a quiet observer of the action.  However, whenever he needed some kitty quiet time, he’d hide in Grammie’s closet, burrowing himself in this plastic bag.IMG_4556

He was a beautiful, majestic cat and he knew it.  In fact, there were times he thought his statuesque presence added to the Christmas decor.


He also fancied himself an exquisite mantle centerpiece. 


Thomasina was full of quirks.  He was quite a pen fiend.  Here he is, soaking up the sun, surrounded by…pens.  Can you see the green pen he’s sitting on?  And if his love for pens is not quirky enough, check out the position of his legs.

Thomasina was a wonderful first cat.  Although he passed away 15 years ago, Thomasina and the memories he left behind, are often the topic of family conversation.



PS-Stay tuned for my next post where I will be introducing you to yet another of Link’s orange ancestors.



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10 responses to “A Legacy of Orange-Thomasina

  1. Those really are beautiful memories, thanks for letting us look back with you!

  2. Thanks for sharing Thomasina’s story with us. He was very handsome.

  3. Thomasina was one handsome cat. Ohhh myyy cat his legs are just adorable in that photo! I could really feel the love that everyone had/has for him. ((((hugs)))) thank you for sharing!

  4. Ah, now I see where Linkie comes from. It’s all in the lineage. A splendid guy, Thomasina. And the pens! Whoot.

  5. Thomasina was such a handsome boy. I can see why he converted the whole family over to cats. Thanks for telling us about him. You take care Aunt Beatrice

  6. Thomasina was a furry handsome mancat – no wonder weveryone loved him. We enjoyed hearing about him
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Thomasina was a gorgeous orange kitty!
    Oh my how wonderful those memories are.

    Abby Ping Jinx Boo Gracie

  8. Wow, what great memories!! Can’t wait to see more of Orange Cat Diaries!

  9. Thomasina was a great cat to help lead the way for your Marmie to be such a cat lover!

  10. Awww, I enjoyed reading about Thomasina — thanks so much for sharing your memories!!

    Woofs & hugs,


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