A Legacy of Orange-Earl

Hi friends!

It’s Beatrice again.  I’m back with A Legacy of Orange Part II.  My previous post introduced you to Thomasina, Link’s 1st orange ancestor. 

As promised, tonight I’ll be sharing Link’s 2nd orange uncle with you.


Unlike Thomasina, I knew Earl  well.  We lived together for quite some time.  I wanted to be his friend so very badly.


But after consistently being rebuffed, I gave up on cultivating a relationship.  That floofy Earl really did think he was too good for a fuller figured lady like myself.

So when Earl passed and my humans mourned, I was secretly (or not so secretly) elated.

I guess I can kind of see what all the fuss was about.


He was one handsome orange dude.


Especially as a kitten.  He looked a lot like Link, didn’t he?


His handsomeness graced the front of many family Christmas cards.  Here he is with Marmie and her sister.


Like most cats, Earl had a knack for finding a soft spot to relax.


Probably unlike most cats, one of Earl’s favorite snuggle items was a good pair of shoes.


Such a handsome weirdo.


Thanks Link Bartholomew readers for letting me hijack the blog for a week!  Link will be returning tomorrow with regularly scheduled posting.





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15 responses to “A Legacy of Orange-Earl

  1. Thanks Beatrice for the family history. Earl was a very handsome boy. He does look a lot like Link. Great pictures. Thanks for introducing us to the family. Take care.

  2. Earl certainly was a very handsome mancat! Thank you for sharing a bit about him!

  3. Thanks for sharing Earl with us, he really was a handsome dude fur sure!

  4. Such wonderful orangeness, Rumblemum adores the orange!

  5. Too bad Earl never warmed up to you! You two look cute together.

  6. Beatrice
    It was nice to see you for the week and for you to introduce us to all the former gorgeous orangeness! Earl was indeed a very handsome kitty, it is a shame he didn’t not want to have a close relationship with you.


  7. Beatrice thank you for sharing your wonderful family photos with us! You did a great job of holding down the fort until Link’s return.

    Marmie and her sister are sooo pretty! The whole family looks great! xoxo

  8. We think Earl was quite a Cat! No wonder you wanted to be friends.

    Our Johnny loves shoes too, especially Daddy’s Crocs!

  9. Fin

    He was a handsome boy, we’ve enjoyed the take over.

  10. I just LOVE the all-orange-all-the-time Christmas pic! Orange cat, orange house, orange begonias, beautiful gals! Excellent!

  11. I LOVE learning about Link’s family! Thanks so much for sharing, and for all the pictures! 🙂

    Woofs & hugs,


  12. Earl did look a lot like Link – they are both very handsome. We have enjoyed learning about the family.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  13. catfromhell

    Earl does lokk a little like Link! Me likes to see family histories and Bea, it was nice to hear from yous!
    Kitty Kisses

  14. jodi

    I share your sentiments over Earl. While he was an orange beauty, he was a scamp at heart. As I remember he used to hide under beds and attack unsuspecting humans. He certainly did make his family happy, though.

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