Home Sweet Home

I’m back with The Marms!


While part of me misses doing manly things with Diddy, another part is happy to be reunited with my sweet, snuggly Marmie.

One of the first things I did upon arrival was curl up in my favorite spot.


Boy, did I miss this flimsy black organizer!


Ahhhh…..home sweet home.



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13 responses to “Home Sweet Home

  1. Aw, Link! We’re glad your Marmie is home now and things are back to normal!

  2. Awwww there is nothing like the love of a Marmie!!! Diddy’s are good but Marmie’s have that special touch!!!! Marmie’s baby the kitties more than the Diddy’s do!

    Your Mommy is sooo pretty too!
    I love how you sleep on your Mommy’s file!
    Love you Link!!
    We missed your Marmie too!

  3. Nobuddy eats a tummy like a Marmie. Hurrah for getting back into your flimsy organizer tray…you are definately “IN”!

  4. There really is no place like home!

  5. What a great picture that is of both of you. We are glad too, that Marmie is home. Sure glad you are back in your organizer tray. We sure want you to stay organized. Take care.

  6. Diddy’s are great but there’s nothing quite like a marmie is there Link?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Look at that smile! That’s the way it should be!!!

  8. I am glad you are back in the arms of your Marmie!

  9. catfromhell

    Dear Link,
    Mommys are special! And there is no place like home!
    Kisses (me missed yous)

  10. {{{{LINK}}}}
    We are so happy to see your gorgeous orinchiness!

    (and that is a sweet picture of you and Marms)


  11. Fin

    Yeah! It’s all good!

  12. I’m glad your Marmie’s home! You look quite content. 🙂

    Woofs & hugs,


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