#1 Priority

Dear Marmie,

I’d really rather you stop bringing work home.


The focus of your evenings should be on ME!






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13 responses to “#1 Priority

  1. Dawn

    You’re so cute Link! I agree we should all focus on our kitties when we get home and not work!

  2. Link, if you keep laying on her papers, she won’t be able to work! And then she has to pay attention to you!!

  3. Petting the kitty supercedes any and all work.


  4. Oh Link, that is so very true. Nothing is more important than that handsome Ginger cat named Link. Just stay right there on the papers. Great picture.

  5. Link, that should go without saying! We can’t believe your mom is violating this crucial rule! This is awful for you!

  6. Why don’t you bunny kick those work papers and shred them with your mighty claws so she can’t work on them when it’s “Link time”. What is your mum thinking of – you’d better remind her of the rules again!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Yep, work needs to stay away from fur-kid time!! Unless all monies from that time goes straight to noms and toys!

  8. I think your request was handled beautifully Link!

  9. the focus should ALWAYS be on YOU little one!

  10. Oh Link
    We would all focus only on you!


  11. catfromhell

    Dear Link
    Yous right! There should be NOTING cept yous!!

  12. I agree!!

    Woofs & hugs,


  13. leo

    Lovely little Link~~
    And focus on you always~

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