Bathing in Cute

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16 responses to “Bathing in Cute

  1. Link, our Mommy just dissolved into a quivering mass of humanoid jelly! This post needs a CUTE ALERT rating.

    Who’s gonna feed us now?

  2. Orange stripey greatness!

  3. Link, your orange colors are quite magnificent. And it is clear you are making yourself very very clean. Carry on, sir!

  4. Link, you’re doing a real good job there!!

  5. I love what Katnip Lounge said!!

    Link you are one handsome mancat!! (don’t let the doggie in the avi fool ya! lol)

  6. Lots of squeeing here about your handsome tail!

  7. Yes, ditto the catnip lounge! Humans need warnings for posts like this! 😛

  8. DUH. Katnip Lounge. What can the mom say? It’s 4:39AM and she’s not awake.

  9. Link, what a great job you are doing. of getting all nice and clean. Those furs look purrfect to us. And cute too. Take care.

  10. We notice you are washing and washing one place Link – was it extra dirty?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. Ma wants to do a face-plant in orangeness.

  12. Link, you are a wonderful shade of orange!

  13. It’s a true sign of a Crazy Cat Person to go all “squeeeeeeee” when you see photos of a cute cat enjoying his bath. I must admit…I did!!!

  14. Link
    You are a nothing but orange goodness!

    >^..^^..^^..^ >^..^^..^<
    Abby Ping Jinx Boo Gracie

  15. catfromhell

    Link, both me and my Mommy are swooning at your awsomeness! Me is in LOVE!

  16. Link, you’re reminding me of Nala right now. She spends a lot of time licking her feet!

    Woofs & hugs,


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