Dieting Progress

Week one of my diet is almost over.

What do you think?


Is my rump beginning to decrease in size?



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15 responses to “Dieting Progress

  1. Bravo! I almost didn’t see you there handsome!

  2. I think you look fine. Besides, the ladies like a guy with some meat on his bones. And, by the way, I’M not fat either!

    Max S.

  3. Dude! You look emaciated. You need deets, bags and bags of deets!

    um, why do you call ’em deets?

  4. Link, you are a shadow of your previous self of last week.

  5. Hmmmm…methinks a few laps on the treadmill might be in order!! xoxoxo

  6. Oh my you are just a shadow of yourself Link. Good job losing that weight. The diet is working. Are you just starved now, poor thing?? Take care and all of you have a fantastic week end.

  7. Sorry Link. It’s the fur coat, I know, but I have to say, it does make you look fat. It’s just the coat. Under it — you have dem bones. So NO reason to starve. Tell Marmie to shop for a new coat for you. She’ll like that and you’ll go back to a deet-ful happy life.

  8. Link – its only your furs that make you look big – we can tell you are so thin under all that fur. You need more foods not less!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. It’s a nice rump. Any handsome mancat would be proud to wear dat rump!

  10. catfromhell

    Dear Link,
    Yous has a scrumptious rump! Me would love to snuggle up to yous!

  11. Link
    You’re wasting away!!
    We always thought you were just purrfection!


  12. Yep, you are a good weight now. Time to end the diet and bring on the deets!

  13. We think you look too skinny Link – you need more foods not less.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  14. I think you look fine, Link! Did ya hide your sweets under your pillow?

    Woofs & hugs,


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