Laser Vision Woes

In approximately one hour, Marmie is going to have her PRK laser vision surgery.

I am unhappy about this for 2 reasons:

1) There will be no more contact cases sitting around for me to play with.

2) Grammie is coming to visit and take care of Marmie for a few days.

Yes, I know.  Grammies tend to be universally well-liked, but something about that woman really freaks me out.  I don’t care how many toys she brings me.IMG_4645

This weekend will most definitely be spent hiding out in the closet.


Please keep Marmie and I in your thoughts.  Marmie is excited about being able to see lens-free, but she is  also very nervous about the idea of a laser cutting into her cornea.

It may be awhile before we can blog again.  PRK, the type of surgery Marmie’s getting, has a longer recovery time than Lasik.  She’s not sure how long it will take before looking at a computer will be comfortable. 



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21 responses to “Laser Vision Woes

  1. Ivy

    Hey, good luck with the surgery! 🙂

    Hugs all the way from Brazil,

  2. we are sending your Marmie lots of hugs and kisses and get well soon thoughts!! Please tell Marmie not to worry, all will be fine!!!
    Awwww give Grammie a chance, I am sure she loves you sooooo much!
    Be Brave Link!

  3. Best of luck! And don’t worry about the blogging — you have only one pair of eyes, don’t push your recovery.

    -Nicki, Derry and mom Kim at Fuzzy Tales

  4. Will keep Marmie in you in thoughts and prayers. Hope everything will go well for her during surgery. I’m sure it will. They seem to have those things perfected now days. Oh poor Link – it’s not fun having to put up with someone who scares you. Maybe you’ll get used to her being there and decide she’s not so bad afterall.

  5. Good luck to Marmie – we are sure it will go well. And good luck to YOU with Grammie coming.

  6. Sending lots of purrs to Marmie in hopes that the surgery goes really well. We also hope maybe Grandma will behave and you won’t have to hide in the closet. Take care and take good care of the Marmie.

  7. Dactyls up, Marmie & Link. Here’s for a smooth recovery. And Linkie do have mercy if you can. Humans try their best even when pathetic.

  8. Lots of purrs to your Marmie!!! Don’t panic with the Grammy Link, it will be okay!

  9. Big purrs to your Marmie! Link, give your Grammie another chance, they are mighty good people, we’ve found.

    Mommy had Lasik surgery 12 years ago and she said it changed her life; it was THAT good!

  10. catfromhell

    Dear Link
    Big Purss to yous and your Marmie and Grammie! Me don’t like it when strange peoples come to our house! It usually takes me 3 days before me quits hissing and hiding too.

  11. Link
    We will purr for your Marmie and we know she will come through the surgery with flying colors and be so glad to be contact lens free.

    Abby Ping Jinx Boo Gracie

  12. Sending SUPER purrs for your mummy… and super TREATS for you!!

  13. We hope all goes well for Marmie! And have fun with your Grammie!

  14. Grandpappy

    Hey, Link; Grammy is pretty nice, and she just loves all cats. Irvin and Beatrice send their love and patience to you, and their hopes and prayers to your Marm.

    This ole Grandpappy will be a thinkin’ ’bout y’all.

  15. Awww, Link! Nala and I will keep Marmie in our thoughts and prayers! How wonderful to be lens-free!

    I’m sure your Grammie loves you — maybe you should give her a chance. 🙂

    Woofs, hugs & prayers,


  16. We will keep your Marmie in our thoughts and purrs. My Mommeh is too skerred to get that kind of surgery, so she wears ugly glasses instead!

  17. We purr for you and Marmie.

    Love, Lucky & Co

    P:S: Grammie sounds fun … especially Grammie with toys!!!

  18. Well RATS! Now we feel even worse about not making it over here sooner! We wanted to thank you for visiting us and for entering our contest! That is a really cool orange tummy you are so brazenly flaunting, Mr. Link! haha!! We hope that the surgery went well – our mom had Lasik about 11 years ago, and she remembers how scary it was. Good luck in our contest!

    Your new friends, Fuzzy and Zoe

  19. We’re just dropping by to see if your marmie is recovering and sending you both double purrs.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  20. Sending purrs and hugs, and I hope it went well!

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