Laser Vision Woes II

If you follow me on Facebook, you already know PRK eye surgery took Marmie hostage.  Imagine my surprise Thursday afternoon when Grammie brought this Ray Charles look-alike home from the Ophthalmologist.IMG_4724

Turns out Ray was blinded by light and sported those shades every waking hour.  Also, Ray did not allow Grammie to open the blinds for 2 straight days. 

I certainly did not appreciate this Ray person coming into my house and keeping me from my daily sunbathing and bird watching routine.

However, things are much better today.  I welcomed Marmie back to the apartment with open paws.


Things are refreshingly back to normal in my orange man cat world.

P.S. Marmie’s surgery went really well.  Currently her vision is quite blurry, but she’s seeing 20/40 and things will only improve from here on out.


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16 responses to “Laser Vision Woes II

  1. ACK! That Ray Charles person is a tiny bit frightening. Hurrah that your Marmie came back and her peepers are in great shape!

  2. we are so glad that your Marmie is doing well! I think she still looks beautiful even in the sunglasses!

  3. Glad things are in the process of getting back to normal, Link. Your Mom will probably be very happy with her new eyes.

  4. Well, aren’t you glad that’s over with, Link?? Now things can get back to normal…for you and Marmie.

  5. catfromhell

    Your Marmie looks marvelous as a Ray Charles impersonator! Link, you are one lucky kitty that your Mommy only has the blinkds closed a couple of days!

  6. We’re glad the surgery went well – eye surgery is always scary! Link, we must say, you are one handsome dude!

  7. Fuzzy Tales

    We’re glad the surgery went well and that your Marmie is recovering nicely! Nothing wrong with Ray Charles-like shades, Link! 🙂

  8. Grandpappy

    Link, Hurray for The Return Of The Marm!
    Wasn’t it wonderful spending time with your Grammie?
    Hugs and kisses and prayers for everything catlike orange. (Yep, your Marm qualifies as a Clemson Tiger graduate.)

  9. Whew, glad things are all back to normal now and there isn’t a stranger in your house any more. That is a great picture of Marmie though. Love the picture of you napping Link. Have a great day.

  10. Your marmie looked fine in her dark glasses Link – it’s just you’re not used to her wearing them inside. We are delighted to hear that her surgery went well but you may find she’ll see you better so you’d better behave!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. I am so happy her surgery went well…and things are back to normal!

  12. I’m glad your Marmie’s eyes are almost all better now!

  13. Link
    We are sure glad to hear that your Marmie is doing so well!
    I know you are taking good care of her!
    We will continue to hold her in our purrs.

    Abby Ping Jinx Boo Gracie

  14. Hey Link! Bean and I just watched an episode of the Big Bang where Raj says nothing rhymes with orange and so orange must be the color for lonely. Not so, huh? Happy you’ve got your Marm back!

  15. Glad you got to have the shades open again! Just in time for beautiful spring! Does Marmie have X-ray vision now?

  16. So glad to hear Marmie’s surgery went well! Keeping my paws crossed she doesn’t have to wear those glasses much longer…

    Woofs & hugs,


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