Harness Excursion

After my first experience with the harness, you’d think Marmie would’ve given up trying to take me out on this thing.


On her second attempt, my initial reaction was the same.


Limply flop to the ground and act paralyzed.


Then hold on for dear life as as Marmie drags me out the door. IMG_4582

Marmie had to carry me down the stairs.IMG_4587

She put me down near some greenery in hopes that I’d be intrigued by the foliage.


Well, I wasn’t.  I ran back up those stairs until that darn leash choked me.


Once at the top, I caught one whiff of building 400’s  interesting smells, and I knew I was in heaven.


Marmie lives in the most exciting building!


I simply couldn’t believe how intriguing it was.


So in typical Link Bartholomew fashion,


I made certain to inspect everrrrry single tenant’s door.


You never know where the all  lady cats live unless you scope out the lay of the land!

I think I found at least one potential female friend.

Turns out harness excursion #2 really wasn’t so bad after all.



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12 responses to “Harness Excursion

  1. Wow, Link! Looks like you got to sniff some great smells there!!

  2. Maybe you will get used to the harness Link. I don’t know if we could get used to it. Mom tried one of those on a kitty that used to be here, and he acted like he couldn’t possibly move. But you might like going outside. Glad you found some good sniffs. Hope you have a great day.

  3. I think you did amazing Link! I can’t wait to see the next journey!
    My daily post is here today: http://foreverhomewanted.com/2011/05/13/t-g-i-f-tortie-girl/

  4. Link, you’re definitely one silly kitty! You should get used to a harness — maybe you’ll get out more often and find some really exciting things. 🙂

    Woofs & hugs,


  5. Well at least the paralysis lifted…it’s a start.

  6. kozykatkondo

    Oh Link
    We think you have found a new hobby!

    Abby Ping Jinx Boo Gracie

  7. I get all boneless with my harness on too, Link. But it seems those smells caused you to forget to act funny with it on.

  8. At least you’ve found your legs again Link!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. Hey Link, yep, I’m moving to a self-hosted blog. Have a great weekend, and practice with that harness!

  10. Oh Link, the first part of your excursion had me in stitches, because it reminded me of my own attempt with my kitties, which had nearly the same results. The “flop on the floor” technique must be something they teach in the Kitteh Handbook. MOL. I hope you found out where all the nice lady cats live though. =^..^=

  11. See, exploring can be fun! I hope you will learn to enjoy your harness, Link.

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