Marmie!  Come quick!


You won’t believe what’s out there.




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13 responses to “Surveillance

  1. Yikes! A snake!! We don’t like snakes!!

  2. ewwwww I HATE snakes! I am terrified of them!

  3. REALLY? Do you need our Mommy? She does a neat thing with a shovel…

    Of course, our snakes are venomous.

  4. No, not a snake! Good thing you’re safe inside.

  5. catfromhell

    Oh! What kind of snake! Me really like catching them and bringing them inside and making Daddy scream!

  6. Oh my! Hey Link, at least it’s outside instead of inside! Have a great weekend!!!

  7. Very exciting! We had an eastern milksnake in our back space last summer…you should have seen the mom trying to rescue it from us and get it safety. Wish we had that on video!

    BTW, that chair looks very familiar…We have one! Only yours is better shape/newer. LOL.

  8. Oh Noooos Link, don’t go outside. Snakes are very scary and might hurt you. Glad you are safe in your chair. Have a good week end.

  9. We have a chair like yours Link – ours is very furry is yours? We have never seen a snake and mum says if we do we might never see her again cos she’ll be running off -ha ha !!

  10. For reals? Good call calling Marmie…snakes make dad scream like a little girl and mom has to handle them!

  11. YIKES Link!
    WE are sure glad you are inside and that snake it outside.
    We had two bbbbbaaaaddd snakes visit us last week. Water moccasins the most venous water snakes in our area. YIKES we wuz all scakit! Thankfully Daddy deadded them for Mom, and us.
    We hope that snake went away.

  12. GROSS! We HATES snakes! Good job keeping a keen eye out, Link!

  13. Link!!! We have LOTS of snakes in our backyard — you’d go WILD!

    Woofs & hugs,


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