Jealous Again

Not only did Diddy fawn over Uncle Irvin


He also took a nap with Aunt Beatrice.




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14 responses to “Jealous Again

  1. Oh nooos Link. Aunt Beatrice is really pretty. Maybe you should take up with her. Take care.

  2. Diddy is toying with you Link. Don’t tolerate it.

  3. Hey, it looks like there’s enough love to go around!

  4. Oh Link…we can see you got some competition!!

  5. OK, we’ve revised our opinion of Diddy. He’s a kitty Ho!

  6. Awww, but NOBODY can replace you, Link!

  7. catfromhell

    Dearest Link,
    Daddy’s has lots and lots of loves. me has to share mine with Mommy. the hairy slobbery sisters-Bob and Sam and the brat Kozmo. and my human brothers.

  8. Uh oh, cheating again. Our mom cheats on us, too, Link, and it’s awful. We can’t seem to make her stop!

    BTW, the mom says she loves all the windows she can see in the background, and the wall colour! 🙂

  9. Love these pics – the cat seems so much bigger than real life when
    photographed in front of a person like this.

  10. your Dad is really “catting around” isn’t he???????


  11. I can see why a guy would pay Beatrice a lot of attention. She’s a hot big booty cat!!

  12. Link
    Diddy just got sleepy and Aunt Beatrice was only sitting nearby. You know Diddy belongs to you!


  13. Now this has just gone too far! You might need to give Diddy a small Bitey. Just to reminder him of his place.

  14. Oh Link, I still think there is enough love in Diddy to go around and there will still be lots n LOTS left for you!!

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