How We Blog

Marmie, I want you to post that picture of me…the one where I look really handsome.


What?  You say you can’t find it?


Well, look harder!  Check the external hard drive.


Geeze, work faster, Marmie! 

Don’t you make me come down there…


I will paw you in the face!



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17 responses to “How We Blog

  1. But EVERY picture of you is so handsome, Link! Even the one of your big, threatening paw!

  2. sheesh! Link, come on over. Our Mommy needs some straightening out.

  3. Link, you are a real taskmaster!!

  4. Rumblemum thinks you look mighty handsome in ALL photos my friend…

  5. We think every photo of you is handsome, too, Link. We laughed, though, at your paw…Sometimes you really do have to lay down the law with the humans!

  6. Link you are hilarious!!! You tell her!! lol

  7. Nothing says I Love You like a paw in the face…

  8. We personally think you are extra handsome in all your pictures. Little Bit is just heads over heels in love with you Link. And she loves to do all the things that you do except she doesn’t go outside since she had trouble with her hind legs but she can do everything else.
    Take care and have fantastic week end

  9. I agree, it should be easy to find a handsome picture of you…they all show your handsomeness!!!

  10. It’s hard to find good help, isn’t it, Mr. Link?

  11. Link – Lucy thinks you are the most handsome mancat on the CB -we both love that picture of your paw – you are so very manly.
    Luv Hannah and lucy xx xx

  12. Link, you better be nice to the one who feeds you!! Just sayin’.

  13. Marmie best find that picture, kitty quick!!

    Woofs & hugs,


  14. Link we had the same exact thought that so many did…EVERY picture of you is handsome! But you do an excellent job of snoopervising how Marmie Blogs.


  15. Yep, she cannot find it because it is ALL of your photos!

  16. Well done !!! Kitty Cat Pawer !!!!
    But My mom laugh, she said she didn’t know live with handsome kitty will be this hard…Good Luck for your mommy : )

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