Veggie Cat

Marmie’s a vegetarian.


And although I’m a carnivorous cat, I like the veggies too.


I insist on a full inspection sniff inspection when Marmie brings them home from her veggie stand.


No Salmonella or Listeria in these tomatoes, Marms!

They have my Link Bartholomew stamp of approval.



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13 responses to “Veggie Cat

  1. Good job with the inspection, Link!!

  2. You know you’re safe with the Good CatsKeeping Seal!

  3. Link you are a wonderful inspector!!

    You know what? I LOVE red peppers!!

  4. Nekoka loves leafy greens and insists on being handfed bits of my salad as I prepare it. You should try some, Link!

  5. Link, you did a great job of inspecting those veggies. Now we know for sure that Marmie will be healthy. We sure hope you are not sitting on the veggies cause we sure wouldn’t want them squished.
    By the way, you have been tagged on our blog.
    Take care and have a great day.

  6. Link you are good ambassador for green salads and vegetables – we don’t like them but we know mum does.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. My Mommeh is a vegetabletarian, too! I do not understand it because I love meats!

  8. I’m not too fond of veggies, though I do like fruit!

    Woofs & hugs,

    PS… You should read my post today — I found some of your photos being hot-linked on another site.

  9. I think you should inspect everything, you are so darn good at it!

  10. Link
    YOU are an excellent food inspector.
    Since Mom had to change what she ate…she eats just like that too and brings home lots of fresh veggies and fruits.
    We always check it out too.

  11. How talented you are, Link, to be able to determine that the veggies are safe just by your powerful nose. Those look like mighty tasty veggies too!

  12. By the way… mommy was thinkin’ and wanted me to ask how Marmie’s eyes are doing?? 😉

  13. Moneen can’t jump on the counters anymore 😦 I don’t know if she’s too chubby or she’s just not interested in them anymore.
    She also isn’t big on vegetables unless they happen to be attached to a hamburger!

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