Happy Diddy’s Day!

Diddy, I know it’s a little late, but I just couldn’t let this day pass without letting you know I love you.


That is why Marmie and I are presenting you with this delicious cookie cake.


Happy Diddy’s Day!



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10 responses to “Happy Diddy’s Day!

  1. Mr. Link, this is a very sweet post for your Diddy! And the look on your face is very sincere, so we know you mean it.

  2. Oh Link, that cake looks terrific. Hope the Diddy likes it. Hope all of you have a great week next week. Take care.

  3. Aw, we know your diddy is gonna love that!!

  4. $5.99! Down from $6.00!

  5. Link, your Diddy must feel so special. Almost as special as if you gave him a kilt bug!

  6. That cake looks delicious!! I bet your Diddy loved it!

  7. That’s so sweet !!! If your dad see this cake, I think he will forget the late ; )
    Happy Father Day to your diddy
    Furry Kisses to him from me

  8. We are sorry we are late too –
    Happy Birthday Diddy from Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. I will bet your Diddy had a very special day fur sure!

  10. Wow, a 3/4 pound cookie! That is a fabulous present!

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